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Samahita Retreat - ThailandThailand

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Samahita Retreat is purposely set up to help you unlock your potential, increase your energy level, recover and enhance your vitality – to breathe into a new life. Health, fitness, and spirituality, through yoga practice, meditation, breath, core and cardio workouts, charged delicious food, interesting people, detox and vitality enhancing wellness programs, in a relaxed yet supportive environment, directly on the beach since 2003. We are here to share this with you

Samahita’s signature program is designed to offer your body and mind an integrated yoga and functional fitness approach. The program offers a level of activity and rejuvenation that covers all aspects of human functioning across yoga asana, both dynamic and restorative, meditation and breath, core strength and cardio workouts, combined with our delicious and healthy food offering. What’s on offer through the YCC program encourages you to achieve optimal health, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. All that’s needed is your engagement and participation—most of which happens directly at the beach!

Make it your own program
o   Choose your dates
o   Pick your room type
o   Decide on a Detox
o   Consider one-on-one sessions
o   Be flexible with the daily schedule
o   Do more or less of the yoga classes
o   With Dynamic group classes in the morning
o   And Restorative with breath in the afternoon
o   Do all or some of the core and cycle workouts
o   Join morning meditation and breathwork
o   With an option to participate in evening meditation
o   Relax, read, enjoy the beach

With years of experience in taking care of the body and mind and working with detox approaches, Samahita offers both the environment and holistic program to give you the best value in a holistic detox experience. From supplements, to targeted bodywork, to leading-edge infrared sauna technology, to colon hydrotherapy and regular meetings with our health coach, you will come to know a new dimension of wellness possible within. You will also receive information and guidance about how to keep newfound habits alive and work the wisdom from this experience into your lifestyle.
Weight Loss
Upgrade your stay to include the best value in treatments with a specific diet to focus on your healthy weight management – a fixed-value package. Our health coach and staff will take expert care of you as you learn and experience new approaches to your lifestyle. This is not just about immediate weight loss, this is about new perspectives on self-care and a chance to feel more empowered about weight management while connecting with yourself more holistically.
Total Self Care
Samahita’s Total Self-Care Program has been developed to help you make the most of your stay and relieve stress. Arrive with a whole plan of therapies and treatments pre-booked and at a bundled value package price. You get the stress-free benefit of the whole selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day, all the great food, and a selection of massages, facials, scrubs and skin treatments.


Samahita is owned and directed by Paul Dallaghan, a senior yogi, educator and researcher in the fields of stress management, breath, and overall well-being. Samahita has been a location for practice, learning and relaxation for tens of thousands of guests, from all walks of life. We are neither a luxury hotel nor a silent retreat – but rather celebrated by many as a friendly, inclusive center where guests from around the world can grow, relax and transform together.


Samahita Retreat
5/20-24 Namuang, Na Mueang
Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84140

Samahita Retreat is set away from the busy tourist areas, chosen for its proximity to Koh Samui’s important cultural and historical landmark, Laem Sor Pagoda.
Our location on this beach makes Samahita the ideal setting for long walks and relaxation. We offer complimentary tours to local markets and a boat trip to beautiful surrounding islands for all our guests.


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Our rooms are set back from the main retreat, perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation. Our eco-friendly buildings make use of cross ventilation, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting, and solar power. We have rooms for couples and singles, as well as loft-style accommodations that are ideal for families or two people sharing.

Regardless of which room you stay in, the yoga shala, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, and beach are only one minute away. You can see the ocean from some of the balconies in the top level rooms  but we cannot guarantee sea views.

Please be advised that all reservations at Samahita Retreat are booked ‘per person’, not ‘per room’. We do not use the same terminology as other hotels as our room categories are specific to our unique retreat set up.

All rooms include the following modern amenities:

  • private balcony
  • air conditioning
  • queensize bed
  • ceiling fan
  • ipod ready alarm clock
  • writing desk
  • refrigerator
  • hot water kettle
  • wifi internet access
  • hair dryer
  • personal locker drawer suitable for laptops and other personal effects
  • 100% natural non bleach cotton sheets and towels

Please note that there are no phones or televisions in our guest accommodations except for Deluxe Suite.

Eco-Friendly Design
The eco-friendly design includes:

  • solar-powered hot water
  • mosquito screens for cross ventilation
  • energy-saving magnetic key card
  • low energy appliances
  • photo sensor light switches
  • low-flush water-saving toilet and bathroom fixtures
  • structured brick-work that minimizes both energy and sound loss
  • rainwater harvesting

The AC is provided for your comfort. Please use as needed. We do encourage the use of the fans and open breeze as much as possible to be conscious of the environment.

Please be advised that all reservations at Samahita Retreat are booked ‘per person’, not ‘per room’. We do not use the same terminology as other hotels as our room categories are specific to our unique retreat set up.

Private Room

suitable for singles or couples
(Max capacity 2 adult, 1 child)

Approximately 35 square meters of personal space, which includes a private balcony. The room has a Queen-size bed with individual reading lamps and personal built-in shelf space at the headboard. Also included is a large writing desk (2.5m), bookshelves, storage cabinet that can be locked and can accommodate even large laptops, hot-water kettle, medium-size fridge, built-in wardrobe with sufficient space for luggage, ceiling fans, and air conditioning. Fully equipped bathroom with large shower area and room for clothes hanging and drying.


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