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Send your friend, mom or cousin on an unforgettable and recreative trip that matches their interests. Or maybe your friends finished a big project and need new motivation? Or you want to surprise your co-worker with a vacation that allows him to clear his mind?

Present somebody the time to indulge something that he wouldn't give to himself. Leading Retreats makes it easy to create individual vouchers for recreative vacations.

Regardless if active- or yoga vacation, culinary experiences such as Ayurveda or detox, or recharging at very special places such as the Himalaya - we help you to find the right retreat gift.

We offer amongst others:

  • vouchers as a partial payment for a retreat
  • vouchers with a value of your choice for the next retreat

By the way … giving time as a present makes happy

If we remember the favorite gifts, we think about them in pictures and memories. If we give “time” instead of objects, we present a wonderful memory as well as anticipation. Researchers have studied this effect and described in studies like “Waiting for Merlot”.


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