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Nutrition: Why we have to consider our food-choices more than ever

Regional, Asian, Spanish, Costa Rican, Tibetan, clean, juicing, gluten-free, vegan, organic, and so on – when it comes to food we are living the dream of endless opportunities. Our diet has together with our inner-life and exercise the biggest impact on our health. Especially inconsiderate food-choices cause unintended consequences. Therefore it's important to ask: What type of diet matches my personal lifestyle and body?

Reasons for your food-choices: what impacts your dietary habits?

If you want to decide for the appropriate food consistently even in daily life, it's important to see through own dietary habits.

Every body works with its’ unique metabolism. Additionally the psychological aspect is an important impact: stress, mood and feeling of guilt are impacting our appetite and ability to focus. Moreover social factors such as family, friends and daily rhythm interfere with our dietary habits. Other external components such as money limit if we are able to spend time and resources on healthy living.

Slight adjustments with big impact

Even if sport such as Yoga isn’t your favourite activity, you can change your nutrition successfully without tremendous effort. Consequently the search for your personal-well-feeling-diet implements recognizing personal influencing factors on dietary habits.

Ayurveda is a life-philosophy as well as a diet that is providing an individual concept for a sustainable way of living. Personal types of nutrition and exercises help to find a balance in between body and soul. Detox and F.X. Mayr Retreat help to reduce the consequences from stress and unhealthy substances such as preservatives in food.

A different approach on learning to eat healthy: traveling and recipes

Do you want to find out how good Ayurvedic food can taste? Just start out cooking with our Ayurvedic oven-fries with tomato chutney.
Our recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner are simple to integrate in every dietary plan. The wide range of spices and seasonings reveal basic ingredients in a different light.
Our website provides more information more about Ayurveda, Detox, Weight-loss Retreat, and F.X. Mayr Retreat.

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