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All about vitality

What does vitality mean?

The term vitality is commonly used and implements a variety of promises. This is not surprising since “vitality” origins in the lat. term “vitalis”, which means viable. We associate vitality with various things such as sun, life, energy, process and nature. You can picture vitality as a jar filled up with different things over and over again. Stress, change in seasons, smoking cigarettes, long working hours and sitting at a desk for hours are known to lower perceived vitality. If you had a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being lifeless and 10 limitless happiness, where would you locate your perceived vitality?  Well known researchers such as Andrew Solomon are talking about pursuing happiness as the opposite of listlessness. Using time-off from daily life the right way helps you being more creative, effective and more appreciative of your life again.

How can I regain my vitality?

Taking vacation is a simple way to regain or gain new energy. For example, you can learn to improve your energy flow together with Qi Gong coaches in french forests. If you want to learn a broader range of revitality techniques you can compose a vitality-program in the UNESCO reserve. You can find similar offers in Bali, Canada or Brenner. In addition to meditative regeneration, hotels offer boot-camps and active vacations to fitness-enthusiasts in places like Tenerife.


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