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All about mindfulness

The calm power of focusing and mindfulness

It’s easier to calm down and relax on vacation. Regardless if taking a rest on the top of a mountain, cocktail drinking at the beach or at the Italian museum - people are obviously more mindful and focused far off from daily life, emails and ringing phones.

A lot of people associate focusing on one moment and relaxing with regeneration and receiving new energy for daily life. Are you surprised how apparent it is that mindfullness in daily life is connected with being happy?

Mindfulness: Gatekeeper to happiness
How would your life look like without office?

“Those who prefer their principles over their happiness,” wrote Albert Camus towards the end of his life, “they refuse to be happy outside the conditions they seem to have attached to their happiness.” Conditions are defined as factors that we rely on to reach certain goals. Camus describes that many people can only be happy when those factors are met. Can I be happy when I am not able to follow my daily routine? Which effect does living in a different culture have on me? Why am I getting upset when I didn’t drink my daily cup of coffee?

And indeed – it seems like daily routines are fostering our values, conditions and the necessity of productivity. But sticking to routines when looking for a good life limits personal potential and creativity.

Mindfulness and self-assessment

Some emotions are easier to identify than others: fear, sorrow, love and joy are more obvious feelings. Additionally vague emotions such as restlessness, burden and fatigue can be perceived as a bodily experience as well as an emotion. Being mindful means perceiving emptions without looking for their names, causes or solutions.

Emotions or routines don’t last very long, have a short-termed effect and only change something eventually. However, emotions can also build up under the human surface. Blaming others for something, stress, depression and other things are good examples. When challenges at work add on, it can be difficult to act fully mind.

Tipps and ticks to learn mindfulness

You can learn to look at yourself from distance. Traveling, meditation, sport, and coaching help to break up daily routines. Coaches and resorts offer guidance for questioning decisions as well as thought processes in Switzerland, Austria, France and Brazil. Leading Retreats offers classes and vacations to strengthen mindfullness as well as to reconnect and meditate. During this experiences people learn to recognize important persons and elements in life as well as discover own abilities and talents.

Different methods can be applied. Self-assessment teaches to use resources as source of energy and to visualize body, soul and spirit. During biofeedback method you learn to recognize tensions and to release those tensions with mindful breathing. The 5-elements-theory guides to connect to the five different elements and their specific themes by using mindful exercise.

Becommindful of once life implements a feeling of new security in daily life and positive attitude. To quote Camus: “Life is to short and sinful to waste. But being active is still a waste when it means loosing yourself.”




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