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All about Yoga

The great thing about yoga

People start practicing yoga out of very different reasons. A lot of people starting out with yoga associate yoga with a relaxed life style and controlled breathing. Looking more into yoga you realize how complex yoga is. Yoga combines physical activity and philosophy. Fascinating about yoga is that it is a very old sport with plenty traditions as well as plenty sub-categories. Old yoga traditions such as Sampradaya describe that you don't practice yoga just for yourself, but you become a carrier of the ancient traditions itself.

Finding your yoga style

The physical active yoga is part of the Hatha category, which combines breathing techniques with athletic practices. Ansura Yoga focuses more on the positive life perspective. Iyengar or Astanga yoga are mainly consisting of physical activity. A more spiritual category is the Kundalini Yoga, which consists of minute-long sitting exercises.

Yoga in vacation

The great thing about yoga is that you can practice it everywhere. However, there are special places to find your middle. For example you can spend two weeks in french forests with intense coaches helping you to work on a daily yoga routine. If you want to enjoy Ananda Yoga in a different cultural context you can travel for two weeks in Himalaya. You can find more details under “yoga vacation”, or “yoga hotels”.

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