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Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village- IndiaIndia

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Somatheeram Ayurveda Group Resorts are internationally renowned for the conscious efforts taken towards the Overall Health of Humanity, Social Responsibility, Eco-Friendly Concept and Environmental Preservation.

Soma Manaltheeram is the sister concern of Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort with same facilities and services.

Soma Manaltheeram where, the skill of nature amalgamates with human architectural ethnicity and knowledge. You are released from the stress and strain of modern life by the incessant tropical sea breeze and the lulling waves of the Arabian Sea.  Here, time does not stand still nor does it move at snail’s pace.  But time sets, a rhythm in tune with the sun and waves, in harmony with your own heart beat.

Soma Manaltheeran offers sun, white sands and one among the best beaches in the world, whilst focusing on rebalancing the body and mind through their programme of award winning ayurvedic treatments and yoga.


Oyster shaped pool seen merging with blue sea, providing mesmerizing view of the setting sun.

The restaurant at Manaltheeram with its reed curtains, wicker chairs and  the lawn with its paved paths becomes the venue for sharing of food in the evenings.
There would be performances of ethnic dances or other art forms, all of which adds to the ambience of relaxation.  Guests can enjoy an extensive menu of superb organic creations in the restaurant. 
Serving regional Indian specialties, International and Ayurveda vegetarian. Guests following the Ayurvedic programmes can also choose to dine from the range of 250 Ayurvedic dishes on offer.

Yoga, the science of man, based on ancient Indian wisdom and culture, is an art of living a healthy and balanced peaceful and contented lifestyle. The yoga and meditation programme at the resort is one of the best in the world.  All classes are led by traditionally trained Indian gurus and take place on the lawn on cool morning, or under a shade outdoors on warmer days.

Ayurvedic Treatments
The objective of Ayurveda is to establish prime health in every living being, physically, mentally and spiritually (Body, Mind and Soul). The special treatments and packages include rejuvenation therapy, detoxification, body purification, slimming, stress management, various clinical treatments and beauty care. The longevity treatment reduces the ageing process and arrests the degeneration of the body cells and increases the immunity of the body. The Body Purification Therapy, along with other beauty treatments meant for the mind and body, define a wonderful body contour encasing a peaceful, stress-free mind. The treatments of muscle tone, body tone, skin tone, muscle relaxation, mental relaxation, body packs, face packs, weight reduction, rejuvenation therapies, spine and neck care programs, stress management programs, oil or powder massages and steam baths refresh you like the actual daybreak! The herbal face packs are given to overcome wrinkles, blackheads, cellulites etc.  With many treatments aimed at specific disorders, the resort merges the best of both worlds – health-regaining Ayurvedic treatments, stunning beaches, superb facilities, organic food, yoga and meditation.

Team of Doctors
The Ayurvedic Center at Manaltheeram Managed by an experienced team of 12 Ayurvedic doctors headed by Chief Physician formerly deputy director of Ayurveda, Govt. of Kerala. The Ayurvedic physician devises the rejuvenation programme for each individual after a thorough evaluation.

Team of Therapists
A team of 60 well experienced therapists, most of them are hail from traditional ayurveda treatment families.

Ayurvedic Menu
Diet (Pathya) is an important factor in Ayurvedic Treatment. Over the years, Manaltheeram has been following a special Ayurvedic Menu, which was crafted by our team of doctors, based on the research with reference to old Ayurvedic Texts.
Guests following the Ayurvedic programmes can also choose to dine from the range of 250 Ayurvedic dishes based on the Tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) properties.




Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

Chowara P.O. South of Kovalam
    Trivandrum 695 501
    Kerala, India

Located on the picturesque Kerala Coast, 9km south of the world-renowned Kovalam Beach. Manaltheeram spread around 12 acres of lush greenery and Sets in a tantalising environment of palm trees, bewitching blue waters and sun soaked beaches.

Manaltheeram is 21 kms from Trivandrum International airport, which has regular domestic flights to Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, plus international flights. Transfers or taxis to and from the airport are easily arranged by the resort.

Ayurveda Cooking: We have demonstrations on Ayurveda cooking to share the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda diet around the world.

Other recreational amenities include visits to the many places of interest in Kerala, such as Trivandrum city, Poovar backwaters, Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary, Kottoor Elephant camp and the Padmanabhapuram Palace.
The resort also provides every evening with cultural programmes.



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Resort offers 61 Accommodations built in traditionally styled bungalows & Cottages; each building is a unique piece of Kerala’s architecture.

Each hut & air-conditioned kerala house that you occupy is, an independent entity where modernity and architectural ethnicity join together to relax your mind and body.
There are three kinds of accommodation, two are cottages-simple, almost hermit like and aesthetically laid out. And the third is the air-conditioned Kerala Houses.

09 Kerala House Deluxe A/c

It is a traditional Kerala wooden house with antique doors and furniture. It is with a bedroom and attached a bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. It has verandah with exklusive sea view. The whole Kerala House has one suite room and two deluxe rooms rented separately.

09 Kerala House Standard

Traditional style independent house with antique furniture. Independent villas with a verandah, bedroom and attache bathrooms with hot and cold facilities with sea view. 

20 Special Cottage

Special Cottages are independent round or square shaped thatched cottage with full/partial sea view.  It is buil with natural materials of mud and bricks. All accomodations are double/twin bed with a bedroom and attached bathroom.

22 Garden Cottage

Garden Cottages are independent cottages with beautiful garden view. It is buil with natural materials of mud and bricks. All accomodations are double/twin bed with a bedroom and attached bathroom.

10 Standard Room 

Standard rooms are replete with a bedroom and attached bathrooms.



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