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Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Sri LankaSri Lanka

A dream 25 years in the making

Sen Wellness Clinic, an established holistic clinic in the medical district of central London has proudly opened its doors to Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka. Founder and osteopath, Dr Sam Kankanamge, became aware of a need for a special place to self-heal and nourish and so created Sen Wellness Sanctuary. Sam left his Sri Lankan homeland for London, aged 18; his dream has been to return to his country to build a sanctuary that creates a space for growth for all those who visit, including the local community.

Inspired by nature, spiritual healing, nourishment and friendship we believe these are the essential ingredients to reclaim your personal gifts of empowerment. Unlock your true potential and discover your own personal gifted treasures.

Sam has drawn on his own life experience, as well as his professional experience of holistic healthcare, to build his dream sanctuary. With the help of a network of extraordinary friends, colleagues, patients and his brother Sudheera, and London-based colleague Natasha Tillie, they translate health, business and hospitality know-how into Sen Wellness Sanctuary’s life-enhancing retreats.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Rekawa, Tangalle

Sri Lanka


Nature is the biggest teacher to remind our bodies to live in balance, so the Sanctuary has been designed in harmony with its surroundings: an untouched National Park and a pristine beach.

10km east of Tangalle, our Sanctuary is set right one of the most significant sea turtle nesting sites in Sri Lanka. Here soft pale golden sand and the energetic waves of the Indian Ocean make a dramatic coastline fronted by palm trees. A few steps inland, set in a peaceful leafy enclave is our accommodation and treatment rooms.


Half an hour’s drive from our Sanctuary is the town of Tangalle.

All around this area nature is the star of the show with watersports and whale-watching available if you feel like outdoor adventures. In the town itself there are food markets to shadow our chefs in, the Blind School which our foundation supports.

Venture into the lush green interior and see working paddy fields, or join the locals at a temple.

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Quietly tucked away in Rekawa’s expansive lagoon nestles the Sanctuary’s beautiful accommodation. Suspended walkways, which allow wildlife to pass beneath, lead you to The Sanctuary’s low-key luxury thatched cabanas.  Sleeping up to 16 guests, each of the twin and king-size rooms are carefully designed to allow natural ventilation avoiding the need for air-conditioning; thanks to the beachside location the resort is naturally cool.

The Cabanas

The luxury low key cabanas are an original design by Brazilian-American architect Adriana Arbex. They mimic the natural shape of the conical shell to draw earth energy up from the land to be experienced by guests whilst staying in the rooms. The main building is also designed in a conical and circular shape which moves energy around in a manner that can be palpably felt by our guests.

Surrounded by mangroves, the lagoon and a glorious stretch of golden palm-fronted beach (also home to a magnificent turtle nesting site), the cabanas have been sensitively designed with respect to this natural environment and to protect the amazing wildlife. Sen Wellness Sanctuary natural project went through an Environmental Impact Assessment and was granted approval by the Sri Lankan government for mitigation of environmental damage. Everything is built on stilts to allow the flow of animal migration, no heavy machinery was employed in the development and all exteriors and interiors are of local craftsmanship using local materials, sensitive to the beautiful natural home of the Sanctuary.

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms are open to the elements so guests can experience a shower whilst star gazing. The rustic elegance of The Sanctuary’s en suite bathroom celebrates the skilful craftsmanship of local artisans using the very best of local materials.

Yoga Shala

An expansive space overlooking the lush treetops, our yoga shala accommodates up to 30 for yoga classes/group healing/dance and music workshops. The sea breeze naturally keeps the space refreshingly cool.

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