My Retreat at Océano


My Retreat at Océano

One and a half weeks ago, I started my F.X.Mayr Retreat and now it is time for a short report of my experiences. One week before my actual start at the hotel Océano in Tenerife, I have started a very strict diet. No sugar, coffe, alcohol, no raw food after lunch and no wheat. My daily food contained a lot of soy yoghurt, crackers and as much fresh cooked vegetables as possible. 

It definitely wasn't easy for me as I love to eat sweets and I like to treat myself with some chocolate after a hard day at work. But no such things as chocolate for me anymore for the next 2-3 weeks.

When I arrived at Océano on Saturday, I already felt really well prepared for the even stricter diet that was waiting for me. I had the chance to experience a lot of treatments which are great when doing a detox like this. Massages, Shiatsu and a special paste on my body that helped for the detoxification as well.

I have to admit, I was a little bit jealous when passing by the restaurant with all the nice breakfast tables every day, full of fruit and müsli. But oh well, I knew it will help my health to take a turn and go into the silent room of people eating F.X.Mayr. It is really important to eat very slowly as this is  helping your digestion a lot. You also feel full much faster which again helpes to not over eat yourself.

After 10 days of F.X. Mayr and back from a wonderful time in Tenerife with lots of sun and relaxing times, I am motived to keep going another 1-2 weeks to really make this Retreat worth wile!

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