Let the sunshine in


Let the sunshine in

Let the sunshine in…

Days are getting shorter, nights longer and sometimes we will face grey days.
It is vital now that you treat yourself nicely and be creative to escape these foggy days. So why don’t you take a day off, when you know it is sunny up in the mountains? This is what I do whenever I can.
Chose a place where you haven’t been before and you always wanted to discover. Prepare yourself some nice Pic-Nic and off you go – hiking in the mountains where the sun is shining.

I love to go on my own because it is like Meditation; breath in and breath out, mind every step you do and feel the energy around you. Walking for 4-5 hours and just be present and connect yourself with nature. Feel the power of the sun – even if it is cold outside. See the beauty around you and realize how privileged you are. AND; leave your mobile at home! A day of digital detox is just wonderful
When you get home after a day like this it feels like having been on holidays for a week. This is what you call re-charge.
Would love to get some pictures of your next day out on your own!


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